Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Thoughts about judgment and faith

At BNTC in Durham, John Barclay said:
  • 'There is no judgment without mercy, and there is no mercy without judgment'
  • '"I will have mercy on whom I have mercy" [Rom. 9.15] doesn't mean, for Paul, "I'll wait for them to repent" but "I'll change them."'
He also offered the following definition of faith:
  • Faith is the recognition that there is no way anything in the human condition can generate justification. In this way, it is a negative criterion, and it's consequence is that justification through faith is entirely of God
This alleviates the problem of faith becoming a work:
  • Faith is not a human virtue, Rather it is a recognition of the total lack of human virtue.
  • Abraham is justified by faith not because he has faith, but because of what he has faith in; namely, the undeserved mercy of God.

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