Friday, 13 February 2009

Motorcycle Airbags

An interesting article from the BBC here.
Motorcyclists make up 1% of road users, but account for 20% of road fatalities.
A scary statistic for a biker like me...
So, would I buy an 'airbag jacket'? Yes, if I was buying a new jacket, but I've got a great Hein Gericke all-weather jacket which I've no plans to replace. And I suspect many other bikers are in the same boat.
So... another (and considerably cheaper) way of reducing the risk is to undergo training wtih the great I-AM!

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Bob said...

Finally managed to get back on the bike today after all the snow and slush. I've got a better idea than these airbag jackets. How about putting airbags on the outsides of cars and lorries?

The one on the BBC page does look relatively slim, but bulk is an issue.