Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Book Review

Over the past 9 months since its publication, one or two people have said some quite nice things about my book on Revelation. However, what follows is the first one which actually brought tears to my eyes.

Every year I receive a Christmas and Easter cards from Mrs. Y. who used to play piano for Sunday School when I was a small child. I haven't seen her since she moved away following the death of Mr. Y. when I was in my late teens, but I remember her well, and, it would seem, she remembers me also:

April 2009
Dear Simon & Liz,
Recently I purchased the book you mentioned in your Christmas greeting. Written by Simon, on Revelations. This is a book I've been interested in since my early days. Many hours I've listened to sermons, lectures, & discussions etc some more interesting than others. Your Book is easy to read, & understand, very interesting, & helpful to any one wishing to know more about the Book. Your Book is a joy to have & will always be on hand when needed. Thank you for the many hours of research, & study you must have spent to produce a work so full of usefull information.
On page four you mention the church you attended in your early days. This was Sevenoaks, well known to me for many reasons, especially the Young People, & Sunday School. Simon: You was the most attentive, interested, & eager to learn of any of them. I felt sure the Lord had work for you in future years, as you grew from small boy, to youth, & young man. You have always been on my prayer list. I thank God I've lived to see the early promise realized. May God continue to bless, & guide you, in future that you will still be a Blessing to many.
My early life was spent in Buckinghamshire & in the Family Home I sat many hours listening to Gran Frather, Father, & Friends, as they searched the scriptures & also as they preached the good news to people all around.
Plesae excuse my terrible writting, & mistakes - my health isn't so good after illness & surgery, also my sight is a problem. It is difficult to write, & after see what I've written. I was so pleased with your work & Book. I had to write a word of appreciation.
My thoughts, & prayers are still with you, & Liz as you work together in God's service. My busy days are over at 89. God bless you.
Yours Sincerely,

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