Friday, 10 February 2012

Nothing new under the sun

The Rev. J. R. Wood, of London, was then called upon to make an interim statement as to the arrested progress in the Baptist churches. He said the Committee which had the matter in hand were not yet in a position to present a report. They had held three meetings, and they asked for further time for consideration of this complex and exceedingly grave question. He did not think there was any question immediately before them of greater importance than this was. Speaking for himself, he might say that the arrest in their progress was real. The fact was that while the population was increasing the Baptist Church membership was decreasing. It was no comfort to them that this arrest was general, and that other denominations were suffering quite as much as they were. That made the matter all the more distressing. However, he did not think they ought to be unduly discouraged. There had been bad times in the Churches before now, and yet there had been a revival. They should get rid of the idolatry of numbers. Numbers mattered little; quality was everything.

The Manchester Guardian, Wednesday, October 6, 1909
Report of the BUGB Assembly, held in Reading.

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Glen Marshall said...

Nothing new, apart from the scale of the losses and the base from which those losses are suffered.