Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Regent's Reviews - latest issue available

The latest issue of Regent's Reviews is out, and can be downloaded from here.

There's a great review of The 'Plainly Revealed' Word of God? in there, reviewed by Anthony Clarke.

You can read the full review for free online, but he concludes:

"This is a stimulating book which repays the time given to it, but it is perhaps most important not to see this as something finished, but as the invitation to further reflection and discussion. As the book notes, how we read the Bible together has changed in church worship over recent decades and is one of the most pressing questions our churches face. William [John] Lyons, who finds the discussion here exciting and stimulating, begins the very last chapter by wondering why it has taken the Baptist tradition so long to produce something like this volume. The greatest challenge now is to enable the discussion continue in such a way that it draws in an ever wider circle to reflect on our Baptist practice."

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