Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wisdom, Science and the Scriptures

Last week I was privileged to be at the presentation of Ernest Lucas's Festschrift, 'Wisdom, Science and the Scriptures' ed. Steve Finamore & John Weaver (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage, Oxford: 2012).

Ernest taught me when I was a student at Bristol Baptist College, where he has had a long and distinguished career as both and academic and College Tutor involved in the formation of women and men for Baptist ministry.

He was greatly surprised and touched to receive the volume, which contains a fascinating selection of essays that reflect Ernest's interests as both biblical scholar and scientist.

I am proud to have a chapter in this volume. It will be available to purchase from Regent's Park College via their website in due course.

 Part 1 - Wisdom in the Bible
Gordon Wenham, 'Creation in the Psalms'
John Bimson, 'Fierce Beasts and Free Processes: a Proposed Reading of God's Speeches in the Book of Job'
Hillary Nyika, 'The Traditional Israelite Legal Settings: Social Contexts in Proverbs?'
Knut M. Heim, 'Personified Wisdom in Early Judaism'

Part 2 - Science and Christian Faith
Paul S. Fiddes, 'Ancient and Modern Wisdom: The Intersection of Clinical and Theological Understanding of Health'
Brian Haymes, 'The Way of Practical Modesty'
Elaine Storkey, 'The Environment and the Developing World'
John Weaver, 'Hopeful Disciples in a Time of Climate Change'
Robert S. White, 'Take Ten: Scientists and their Religious Beliefs'

Part 3 - The Scriptures
Simon Woodman, 'The Evolving Agenda of Biblical Studies'
Mike Pears, 'Moving Towards a Theological Perspective on 'Place' by Using Cresswell's Notion of Doxa and Deviance as a Hermeneutical Tool for Place-based Readings of Mark's Gospel'
Stephen Finamore, 'Not Made With Hands: the Heavenly Temple in Hebrews and Revelation'

Part 4 - ...and Cricket
Robert Ellis, ''Play Up! Play Up! And Play the Game!' Cricket and Our Place in the World'

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Lucy Wright said...

It was great to be there as well, and some excellent prayers reflecting on the subjects by Sian Murray Williams.