Thursday 22 January 2009

Colloquium Quotable Quotes

Well, the colloquium on Baptist hermenutics is over... Helen and I are very tired!
Lots and lots of good stuff, and one or two laughs...
Some anonymised (to protect the innocent) quotes:
  • “There is nothing like having the Bible at one’s disposal to foster the idea that the Bible is at one’s disposal.”
  • “Like a good wine I don’t travel very well – It stirs up the sediment and makes me bitter.”
  • “I could more easily accept the Pope as the vicar of Christ on earth, than the Queen of England as the head of the Church in England.”
  • “In Wheeler Robinson’s last days in his nursing home, he refused to speak anything but Hebrew, in the belief that he was already in Heaven.”
  • “Brevard Childs wrote his Old Testament Theology because he got so bored in lectures with the historical critical method that he thought, ‘Blow it! Let’s just look at the text!’”
  • “The greatest contribution of biblical criticism has been to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that these texts are composite in nature, that is they are vibrant, alive, and living…”
  • “I’ve always said it must be very unpleasant to be a textual gloss: Conservative scholars deny you exist, while liberal scholars dismiss you with a curl of the lip as a ‘mere gloss’”

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andygoodliff said...

sounds good - i'm trying to work out who said what! looking forward to hearing some more and the book which i'm guessing will be 2010