Thursday, 15 January 2009

Post Rapture Pets

"Organisation is the key to success" a friend of mine once said.
Well, thanks to a heads-up from John Lyons, those pet-owners among us can now look forward to the Rapture with total confidence...
Check out Post Rapture Pets - "What will happen to your pets who are left behind?"
Alternatively, choose a pet from Isa. 11.6-7: A wolf, lamb, leopard, goat, calf, lion, cow, bear, or ox would all seem to be a pet you can take with you into eternity. Those with cats, dogs, rats or other assorted pets should make other arrangements as detailed above. If you are a herpetologist, you'd probably better give up (cf. Isa 65.25).
Whilst you're organising your post-parousia legacy, you might want to write a Rapture Letter.

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Louise Polhill said...

Absolute genius! So do you think there's a market for a new product then? How about...
It could make a fortune!