Thursday, 30 April 2009

Baptist Assembly Buzzword Bingo

In common with (it seems) many other Baptist Bloggers, I'm off to Assembly tomorrow.
One of the things I love about Assembly is catching up with old friends and making new ones. I'm delighted that I'm staying in the same hotel as my old friend Iain; but Liz is a bit less happy about this because she says that when Iain and I get together at Assembly we turn into the grumpy old men from the muppets - sitting at the back shouting 'Rubbish! Get him off!'
So, to liven things up a bit, I thought I'd instigate a game of Baptist Buzzword Bingo.
Some of these are dead certs, and don't count beyond the opening meeting! Some I hope not to hear but fear I will, and some are probably just wishful thinking. So, in no particular order:
  • baptistic
  • missionary God (HT: NB)
  • missional
  • crossing places
  • community
  • confession
  • intercession
  • just
  • really
  • wanna
  • alternative
  • cross-cultural
  • environmental
  • Bible
  • biblical
  • theology
  • buzz-groups
  • ecclesial
  • ecumenical
  • partnership
  • get out there
  • bring in the harvest
  • podcast
  • pension fund
  • missio Dei
  • friends
  • Hi! How are you?
  • Where are you now?
  • Who are you?
Any further suggestions for words you'd like/hate to hear?


Catriona said...

"These are the days of..." aaaargh!
"Baptist DNA" aaaargh
"yes 'n' God" aaaargh again

Glen Marshall said...

. Where's
. Glen
. Marshall
. Don't
. Tell
. Me
. He's
. Missing
. Another
. Assembly

Neil said...

Baptist family

Louise Polhill said...

Where's the nearest bar?

Iain Stephenson said...

Margaret Thatcher
Manchester Utd
God (that one is a joke!)
Iona (that one isn't)

and finally

I've left my wallet at the hotel, can you pay!

John Lyons said...

How about "you know those Anglicans may really have something!"

The prize for the one who spots this is a holiday home, a shack next door to Sean Winter's current abode.

Craig Gardiner said...

I'll take bets that 'theology' comes in last.

Catriona said...

So d'you win the jackpot then? I had a 'line' in the first hour...

Simon Woodman said...

A number of people with my mobile number texted 'Bingo' to me at various points in the Assembly. Craig claimed an early victory, but I think he was working on a restricted 'easy' list. Iain got in there about half-way through. I was a bit late claiming my own full-house, but then I was was waiting (optimistically) for Missio Dei which was finally delivered in spirit if not in Latin by Neville Callum. Louise was the last of the phone-claims, but she was waiting for Bonhoeffer and he didn't get his mention until Pat's Bible Study on Monday Morning! Well done to all those who participated. Your prize...??? Blessings in heaven!

Neil said...

An excellent game - can we have another round at the next Baptist gathering?