Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Theology Live! 2017

Theology Live!
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
11 December 2017

Andy Goodliff
Leonard Champion and call for clearer, more coherent and widely accepted theology amongst Baptists

Ruth Moriarty
Discernment and the Church Meeting: A Practical Theology Approach

Trevor Neill
How a Concern for Conversion Stopped us from Being Missional

Myra Blyth
Rituals of Restoration: a critical dialogue between anthropology, theology and restorative justice.

Paul Goodliff
Do Baptists Really Find Natural law Unnatural?

Helen Paynter
Hospitality in the Bible and Today: Not as straightforward as it seems.

Edward Pillar
Power, Politics, Justice, and Temptation: A Political Critique of the Temptations of Jesus

Liubov Payne
The Ecological God and the Worth of Creation

Martin Hobgen
Are you my Friend? Exploring the Inclusion of Physically Disabled in Baptist Church Communities

Michael Peat
'Which Body?' before 'Which Changes?': 1 Corinthians and the Morality of Inherited Genetic Modification

Pat Took
Still a Fond Thing? Universalism and the Revisiting of Purgatory
No audio recording (mechanical failure), paper available upon request.

Ashley Lovett
Absent Friends: Do Baptists Need to Reimagine How They Celebrate the Lord’s Supper?

Simon Woodman
‘The Seal of the Spirit’: The Holy Spirit in the book of Revelation

Steve Holmes
Reflections on Day: Baptists doing Theology.

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