Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Chris Moyles

If you've never listened to the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show on Radio 1 - where have you been?!

Well, anyway, whether you love him or hate him, you have to watch this...
In terms of cultural impact, it is unintentionally one of the best pieces of religious broadcasting I have ever heard.

Thanks to Steve Holmes for spotting it. Read his thoughtful analysis here.

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ashley said...

Fascinating clip. Moyles and his posse make some extremely adroit comments. Very useful observations from Steve Holmes too.

Personally, though, I have mixed feelings.

Yes, I'm pleased that someone in the mainstream has recognised that there is more to the church than the stereotypical dullness/religiosity/bigotry etc. that's usually reported.

But at the same time, and while there's no excuse for being dull/religous/bigotted, most of us just aren't where Kings Gate are at, nor could we be (for lack of resources, people etc.), and the temptation would be to think we should be. Turning worship, once again, into a commodity that people buy because they like the brand, or because it 'does it for them', and leading to the continued superficiality of the church in many places. While at the same time sending a very negative message to those who are in the less than exciting churches.

Yes, I'd prefer people to go to large, lively, exciting churches rather than nowhere at all.

But I'd also like those who start off going to those large, lively, exciting churches to recognise that there's more to church than this, and that perhaps (just, perhaps) they could move on from these places to smaller, less lively, bordering-on-dull churches, where they might with grace be able to inject a little bit of life, and support the common mission of all God's people!

What do you think?

PS Still warmed my heart though!