Tuesday, 16 June 2009

MotoGP is THE BEST motorsport (well, F1 comes close)

Many will know that as far as sport is concerned (and as I've said before), if it doesn't have at least two tyres and an engine, I'm not that bothered.

F1 has been a passion for many years, but in recent years, particularly since getting my own sports-bike, I've been loving MotoGP.

The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) is Valentino Rossi.
He has 8 Grand Prix World Championships to his name.

The young pretender to his crown, and his team-mate for 2009, is Jorge Lorenzo, a 22 year old Spanish rider.

If you have never watched a MotoGP race, and are wondering what all the fuss is about, the final three laps of this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix are possibly the most exhilerating three laps you will ever see. So, if you have five minutes and want an adrenaline rush, take a look at this (there are no crashes, I promise):


Andy said...

That was absolutely stunning, jaw-dropping racing. Great clip!

Craig Gardiner said...

Can't help feeling the best result would be for both to cross the line together

Simeon said...

Yep - that was a cracking race. How those guys do that at those speeds is beyond me. You back on two wheels now Simon - what are you riding?

Baptist Bookworm said...

Hi Andy Craig and Simeon!
Andy - good to hear from you - Love to Karen and the kids.
Craig - Where's your competitive streak? There MUST be a winner and a loser!
Simeon - Still got the Honda VFR 750F - just don't ride it to Cardiff these days - the M4 at 6.30am is too boring, and the lure of the Honda Civic with comfy seats and an iPod dock is too strong.

Iain Stephenson said...

you are so right. F1 is so boring most of the time. The lead switched hands more itmes in the last lap of that MOTO GP than in all the F1 races for the entire season (not including pit stop overtakes). Dull dull dull.

I had a little set to with an R1 the other day. I lost.

But i learnt a lot about how to make progress through traffic on a busy A road. Very exciting.

we should meet up when you have knocked off for the summer!

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to watching that, but it now seems to have been removed from youtube. Shame! I must admit that I've never got into MotoGP, I'm a Formula 1 man!

Baptist Bookworm said...

Hi deiknuo - what a shame the link has gone... that's the problem with Youtube! I downloaded it onto my PC as an MP4, but the problem is Youtube won't let me re-load it back up again, as it just gets blocked.

A Youtube search for "rossi lorenzo catalunya 2009" generates a number of videos of the end of the race, but without the British commentary. Still, the action does rather speak for itself.