Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Procrastination is the key to success

It has often been observed about me that I am 'the king of procrastination', and it is true I could procrastinate for England.

If something can be put off for another day, then it probably should be!

When I was a teenager, a good friend once asked me why I continually played 'chicken with my work' and she was very definitly on to something in identifying one of my key personality traits.

Now, I could refer you at this point to my personality type: in MBTI terms I'm a 'P' which, although it doesn't stand for 'Procrastinator', certainly could do.

According to the myersbriggs.org...
  • I work in bursts of energy.
  • I am stimulated by an approaching deadline.
  • Sometimes I stay open to new information so long I miss making decisions when they are needed.
Yep - that's me!

Indeed, it's freqently been said of me that my work is outstanding... sometimes by several months!

If I have work to do, I will find a hundred creative ways of avoiding it. I'll watch TV I would otherwise hate. I'll go for walks. I'll stare out the window. I'll empty the diswasher. I'll hoover the house. I'll blog. Anything to avoid doing what I have to do.

Now, you might think that this is a recipe for a professional disaster... But I've learned to use it to my advantage!

The secret to using procrastination as a key to success is to have more than one thing on the go at once.

Here's an example: I've been putting off writing a paper. I just haven't been able to get round to it. Then, yesterday, a massive admin job landed on me. Now, to avoid the admin, I'm writing the paper. Go figure.

I suppose, when I need a break from the paper, I can put it off by doing the admin.

You see, it's quite simple.

Procrastination really is the key to success.


Robyn said...

Brilliant, Simon!
But what if you only have one project???

Catriona said...

Ah, so I can blame my ISTJ personality for being stressed at heaving to ask for a deadline extension due to circumstances outside my control!

Not that blogging constitutes a distraction technique of anything...

Craig Gardiner said...

It's good to know i have a successful ministry ... or at least I will when I get round to it.


ashley said...

If I didn't procrastinate I wouldn't read your blog, or anyone else's, and then what would I do for a theological education?!

On a slightly (but only slightly) more serious note. Minister's need to procrastinate. Otherwise they'd just be too busy to see what's really beautiful.