Thursday, 18 December 2008

Women in ministry

A huge thank you to all those who are helping me compile this resource for the BUGB Task Group on Women in Leadership. Further suggestions are greatly welcome...

Women in Ministry resources

Highlighted articles / books are those which I am aware of, but do not yet have copies of. If anyone is able to send me photocopies of the relevant chapters / articles I would be very grateful!

British Baptist Papers


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Practical / Pastoral

Eakins, Adam. 2008. 'That Joke Isn't Funny Any More'.

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Men, Women and God.

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andygoodliff said...


I recently did a short bibliography on articles addressing women here:

Is that of help?

Simon Woodman said...

Yes - thank you for this! That's brilliant!
Whilst I'm thanking you, a huge one for the book review also!

andygoodliff said...

It was a joy to review.

Other stuff that I've found helpful is Francis Watson's Agape, Eros and Gender (CUP, 2000) and his article in NTS 46 (2000)

See also Gospel and Gender (T & T Clark, 2003) and The Call to Serve (T & T Clark, 1996), both edited by Douglas Campbell

Pete Lev said...

Hi Simon,
An accesible article is by Jenny Baker,I found what I think are 2 variations of the same thing: (is a longer paper)
(a shorter jounal article)

andygoodliff said...

There's also the BU publication: Women, Baptists and Ordination. find it here:

andygoodliff said...

Sorry me again - Women and Ordination in the Christian Churches (ed.Jones et al, T & T Clark, 2008)

Catriona said...

I may have missed this flicking through your extensive list, have you got 'This is Our Story: Free Church Women's Ministry' ed Janet Wootton, pub Epworth 2007. I reviewed this for BQ recetnly (though review not yet published).

Seemingly no Baptist women felt able to contribute a 'story' to this - but several I mentioned this to said 'no one asked us' so I'm not sure who they approached. For all that, there is a chapter written by a woman Baptist minister...

The book has an extensive bibliography.