Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Posting from Council

Well, it seems The Hayes has hit the 21st century. I'm posting this from my room, using my lovely new Windows Smartphone (a UBIQUIO 503g if you're interested) over the wi-fi cloud.
Council is going well, but last night after hours was a VERY late night!


Mark Thomas said...

So glad you are enjoying Council. Somebody once told me that such an experience was a possibility but not being a Baptist (in the eyes of one of my colleagues) I've always adopted my inherited persona of the famously proverbial 'doubter'. And just to prove the point, it occurs to me to ask - are you actually enjoying Council, or just your 'lovely new Windows Smartphone (a UBIQUIO 503g)' - whatever one of those is?

Simon Woodman said...

Hi Mark, you might be right! My Dad calls me 'gadget boy' because he says I'm always happiest when playing with a new toy.