Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Radio 2 Pause for Thought

It's my turn to do Pause for Thought on Radio 2 again, and I was at the Beeb in Cardiff yesterday to record them, with the wonderful Karen Walker producing. You'll be able to hear me on 15th and 16th November, at 3.30am and 6.15am. Or, of course, if you're keen but not that keen, on the wonderful iPlayer!
Who, one might wonder, listens to the Radio at 3.30am? Insomniacs? Truckers? Well, no apparently: There's a whole lot of people who work through the night. From hospitals to factories, Radio 2 is (again, apparently) the station of choice. This means that this slot is the equivalent, for a lot of people, of having two minutes in the middle of Steve Wright! It's a fast-paced show for those whose day is the night. And the 6.15 slot is what a lot of people wake up to. So, more people will hear these broadcasts that one might at first imagine...

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