Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Baptist T-Shirts

Thanks to Lev for spotting the range of 'Baptist T-Shirts' available online.
Here's my favourite.

[Edit: Polly's right - this one does have to be seen! So here it is...]
p.s. Has anyone else noticed her flies are undone?


Polly said...

My favourites include:

"Stop that - the Baptists might think you're dancing"

"Baptists are Weird" (short and to the point!)

"Property of XXL Baptists Drinking Team"

"Tradition: Fighting Church Progress for Hundreds of Years"

"God: Because some things can't be answered by Google"

"Friends don't let friends go to churches with smoke machines"
(Not sure what that says about Assembly though!)

and this brilliant one, which just has to be seen!:

Polly said...

On the flies issue - Is that any better than reading the t-shirt?!

John Lyons said...

I seem to remeber a mutual friend sugsesting you could look for five seconds before it became a sin. How a T-shirt reading, "Jesus knows you looked for six seconds or more"?