Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Deus ex machina

ROM. 3:86 - 4:86
Friends, I urge you to Excel in all things, becoming proficient in the holy Word, for by this means you will gain Access to the knowledge which surpasses understanding. I would have you study the Works of the Lord to such an extent that you become Word Perfect. Ensure that you do not lack the Saving power, which is your Help, and Restores your lost labour. Be patient with one another, and take care that your actions do not put another’s Backup. Do not worship Icons, for these are to be shunned as being linked with pagan Cursors. Neither should you associate yourself with those who dabble in Fonts. Remember how Abraham sacrificed a RAM in place of his own son, remaining Open to your Word even in his distress. In this way Abraham was Justified by faith, not by Works. Above all, be Bold in your faith. By following this advice you will avoid being cast aside like Abraham’s son E-mail. Praise to the Lord, our gracious ISProvider, who rescues us from everlasting Doom and opens before us the glorious Vista of life eternal.

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