Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Inspection Copies

'Inspection Copies' are one of the wonders of the academic world. Until I started teaching, I had to buy books. Now, publishers give them to me for free if I put them on the bibliography for the students.
This is great, as long as the books are good!
Today I received an email from our local SCM Press rep which caused a smile.
Here's a quote:

Please excuse the informal approach. My name is ... and I am the area representative for SCM Press on campus.
I'm currently academic calling for the new season with titles for the above publishers and wondered if the following titles would be suitable for your course? If so, would you like a free inspection copy? The main ones are:

Smith SCM Core Text: Christian Spirituality

Boxall SCM Study Guide: Books of the New Testament

Woodman SCM Core Text: The Book of Revelation

Cooke SCM Core Text New Testament


Craig Gardiner said...

I say take the freebies and put them up for auction or give them away as prizes at the Valedictory

Polly said...

Craig took the words right out of my mouth!

pchurcher87 said...

Do you think he failed to notice that he was offering your book? I would have thought you had plenty of those already!