Thursday, 21 May 2009

Bl**dy PCUTL

When I started teaching at Cardiff University, one of the conditions of my appointment was that I should enrol on the Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

Well, thought I, that'll be useful - somebody actually teaching me how to teach!

But, thought I also, I hope it's worth doing... It looks like a lot of hours and a lot of work...

Well, as those who knew me over the two years it took to complete the course, I had a hate-love relationship with PCUTL.

There were moments, particularly towards the start, where my natural cynicism asserted itself, and my reply to 'where are you off to today?' was, typically, 'Bl**dy PCUTL'.

However, as the course progressed, I became more and more convinced of the value of (most of) what I was learning.

And so I converted.

Here, I'll say it: PCUTL is thoroughly worthwhile. I'm a better teacher as a result. There, I said it, and it didn't hurt! I'm proud to be a PCUTL graduate and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

So a big thank you to Clare Kell and the team at PCUTL.

Here's a PCUTL publicity video featuring me being interviewed by Caroline, in which I explain a bit about why I found the module valuable.

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